Newsweek has a review in 2006 of resveratrol in a series about the life and expansion Methuselah Foundation. That was two years ago, but it is still one of the most complete Resveratrol comments that you find. Here are some of the things you mentioned in the article.

According to the authors to a decrease of 1% of deaths from cancer would be worth $ 500 billion for the future of Americans. We think not often in the field of cancer prevention in the form of money, but the cost of treatment of the disease is very high and often leads to income losses for the patients, at least temporarily.

Resveratrol In the journal, the authors mention that the plant "to disturb the three stages of carcinogenesis. In other words, it prevents cancer cells, if a cell is a carcinogen. It prevents tumors always, if a cancer has already exists. And he kills the cancer cells, without healthy cells. Well, why not used to treat cancer?

You can Resveratrol many comments from consumers on the Internet, because it is next to the health form. But if they should be chosen in order to treat cancer, as it would be a need for drugs and the approval of the FDA.

With regard to the approval by the FDA, scientific studies of resveratrol have to be carried out in the field of safety and efficiency. The years. Currently, the plant is currently in a study of type II diabetes. The pharmaceutical companies, the research provides for the approval by the FDA when the studies completed.

If the ratings of consumers resveratrol, you're likely to find immediate benefits. You can not do everything at the only ingredient that supplements on the market. The Central has a low bio-availability ", which means that in the bloodstream is extremely difficult. Some of them are still in the digestive system. Some are after the livers. Only the additions, with an enteric it through the stomach and the upper part of the intestine, where they can, and through the blood stream.

In a report Resveratrol that I have read, complains to the customer for a laxative effect. In higher doses than 100 mg, you are very likely that this effect. If you often blocked, it is not a problem, but for those who regularly, it can be confusing. The best choice, but in any case is a supplement containing 50 mg or less. An addition, which a balance sheet total of several vitamins and minerals is your best choice.

As with other opinions from consumers, the only way you can from resveratrol comments. Fluids taste. The price is sometimes exaggerated. Powders and tablets without enteric coating has been proved ineffective, the degree of kinship, but this is something that you do not talk about that in a scientific journal resveratrol.

The answer to a healthier life is to make the molecular causes of cellular aging. All research has indicated that the nutrients from plants and contain all the answers. If we have the right to supplement, May Resveratrol, we write an overview of 100 years old. It is my hope. If you have a few minutes to lose, please visit my website.

Long time the advantages of the Amazon Acai Berry extract was kept secret. Few people have the benefits they can offer, but this is now changing. This amazing berry has a very high concentration of nutrients and rich in antioxidants, so it's not surprising that it starts with a reputation as a super food. The açaí Berry grows on palm trees in the tropical forests of the Amazon, and Brazil and the local people harvest. Once the fruits are quickly frozen to the content and nutritional value for as long as possible. Like red wine, Acai berries are a rich source of chemicals such as anthocyanins. These are the same nutrients that believes in a good red wine, as you may seen in the press. In addition, the berries of packages with large amounts of fiber and protein, with the advantage that contain omega-6 fatty acids and omega-9. So it is really very easy to see why Acai berry extract has recently gained in popularity and scope of the entire health food industry. If you are looking for a good source of fiber, fat, protein and antioxidants, which ACAI Berry May you a clear solution, because it contains all important elements by using another weapon in your arsenal to get in shape and healthy. You can ACAI the berries and juice of the berries ACAI many shops and retail food, whole, and as they are popular, I am sure that the biggest grocery store will begin on that day and soon berries. Another option is for you when buying berries ACAI excerpt online there are a number of reputable dealers who will be contacted in order to buy. A word of warning: If you ACAI berries, whole or from the mold, it is important to buy from sources that are best known. Since the fruit is harvested and packaged locally, it is important that they are well treated to the richness of its nutritional content, or else the many advantages eroded. So listen to the "savage" ACAI harvested berries, soon after harvest and frozen, so that the contents of nutritional status of the bay is maintained, as well as the benefits to health in the bay. But the good news is that there are many manufacturers offer a wide selection of products ACAI berries, harvested and packaged according to the methods of traditional Amazon.

The bays of açaí is an issue which many people have not heard. Despite a bit of berries, açaí is one of the strongest in the food and in the world today. It is a high energy, the small fruit of a palm tree in the Amazon region, which is harvested in the tropical rain forests in Brazil. Açaí, a fruit, a short time after harvest before they become worse. Therefore, açaí is only available as a juice from the pulp of the fruit outside of Brazil. This juice and pulp is used in many blends of juices, lemonades, smoothies and other beverages. There are companies such as international Monavie in Utah, the patents for the harvest, the yields of the highest in the berries can ACAI.

The açaí is a combination of flavor from a mixture of berries and chocolate, and it is in the color purple royal family. It is full of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Açaí May not be in the supermarkets, but you can get it in the shops of the health and Gourmet, in the form of juices. You can also find their dough without sugar, which today is an excellent form of ACAI. Açaí The dough has a high concentration of antioxidants, about ten times more than red grapes and about thirty times anthocyanin red wine. These antioxidants prevent premature aging. Açaí also synergies dietary fibers, the mono-unsaturated fatty acids and phytosterols, which the cardiovascular and digestive system. He also has an amino acid with oligo-minerals, for the contraction of muscles and regeneration. Açaí is the content of fatty acids like olive oil and is rich in oleic acid monoinsaturé. This oleic acid contributes to the spread of the cell membrane of the omega-3 fish oil, with which it is possible, the cell flexible. A flexible diaphragm contributes to the effectiveness of hormones, neurotransmitters and receptors of insulin. The properties of açaí oxidation properties also for the prevention of cardiac and vascular diseases. Therefore, açaí is widely used in the manufacture of food supplements and other products.

Antioxidants in açaí is known for the improvement of visual acuity and of the struggle and the regulation of cholesterol in the body. Açaí is also important for the maintenance of the cardiovascular system to a better blood circulation. These antioxidants are effective to the free radicals in the body and improving cell growth. With the effects of free radicals from the body, the bays of açaí stimulates the immune system of the body and offers him protection against damage by free radicals. Açaí is widespread, such as an extract from the powder, which is its strongest. There are also supplements that açaí as resveracine. This is a supplement for those who decrease their cholesterol levels and improve their cardiovascular health. The reason is that the fiber content of açaí has equal 44% of the total mass of the fruit, making it one of the richest in fiber fruits. Açaí also has strong antibacterial properties to it for use as an astringent. This is because of all these nutrients and properties of the Acai berry is considered one of the oldest forms of concentrated nutrients of the fruit.

The Amazon basin covers 7% of the earth's surface and extends over nine countries and has a house in half the world, biological diversity, of which about 5000 species of trees. Many of these trees bear fruit, the most international markets, which in the past were due to problems of logistics and transportation costs, but that changed with the introduction of technologies such as the freezing of drying and processing of the cold chain.

The Acai Berry has been consumed by the population have been thousands of years, the harvesting of Acai palm tree that originates from tropical Central and South America, from Belize to the south of Brazil and Peru, increasingly, especially in the flood plains and wetlands.

Fable the fields a few hundred years and includes a village on the banks of the River Para (state of Pará, Brazil). The population of the village to a booming food shortages, where the chief of the village decide that the people no longer have children and that all newborn babies are being killed.

Unfortunately, in this configuration, IACA, the daughter of the head of the village, was pregnant, and even if she begged his father to show a nutrient that was the root, nothing happens.

Shortly after the IACA has a daughter who, as it was sacrificed. The IACA was devastated, and without food or water is trapped in his hut, where she cried day and night.

One night, the tears of his daughter in the forest. It has succeeded, briefly, and yet the energy from his hut in order to try to find. Finally, after a long search, she saw her daughter on a thin tree, but when she tried to kiss the child, the child disappeared.

The next day, the other members of the IACA village found dead with open eyes, and saw many flowers dark purple fruits on slender and includes e Palme.

Therefore, the fruit of this tree are harvested and the juice of a red wine, the earliest the scheme of the tribe. The chief of the village called Acai fruit (IAIS quotation marks) in the memory of his daughter, the ban was lifted, and the root grew.

I have read, many doctors and nutritionalists and not make a final decision yet regarding the ACAI BERRIES. For companies that promote their ACAI provide reports on the pain reducing cholesterol lowers blood pressure and also be regulated. My concern is that these people are trying to build a product to sell and on the lookout in May and also something that is not necessarily there.

After many nutritionalists, modern science has confirmed the excellent performances of the açaí fruit. All in all, the food itself, which ACAI berries can be a source of protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals. Are particularly valuable to the group of polyphenols, the açaí Berry contains more than a dozen. At the top of the list are the anthocyanins, which contribute to red, blue and violet on the appearance of the plant. Anthocyanins have a wide range of benefits for the health, were in several studies.

The bays of açaí is found only on high on the summit of lush palm trees in the Amazon rainforest in South America. Over the centuries, the indigenous peoples in northern Brazil's Amazon region have revered legendary berry.

I can understand that there are benefits for the health of ACAI berry because we all know that fruit and vegetables are the healthiest foods on consumption. Açaí, plus more than a delicious organic apple or broccoli? I'm not sold this idea at this time.

Companies like Tri-Unity, to promote the drink açaí Plus ask me why. I do not like that there are two conservatives in the açaí Plus drink. I do not like that the head of department has been in many MLM companies, and seems to try to deposit money into the "drink nutrition policy" on the market.

Finally, I would like to ask you your own research and make your own conclusions about the ACAI berries.

Hold the loss of body weight is a constant challenge. We are in the midst of the society, which seeks advertising in real time about all kinds of media. Experiments, 1 hour and not hear or see, something to sell, or perhaps even "free". We are bombarded by temptation, just trying to think. This criticism on our thinking and our fuel (food) for approval. Our ultimate choice for weight loss or gain over time. We want the management of our body in a way, of course. What we should do is, in a way that is quite normal and not to restrict what you should or should not do. This requires decisions of life and an education.

Beginning of the training is like a rewrite of our brain and taste buds. It is an incredible power to do what is the reason why it does not always fail, and probably not very often that they are not proving as successful. But we must not give up. Change of lifestyle is the key. In the long run, it is essential that we strike a balance in our daily nutrition, exercise and emotional stress. Stress is a major cause of eating disorders. In this context, it is a trigger for the happiness of short duration for persons with an error in their lives. Stress must and will be as good. The exercise is divided into a fitness-active role in the change (long-term recall that), with natural additives such as drinks and juices of bays ACAI such as Mona Vie ™ are all excellent choice. During this phase you will be subject to the natural challenges of the past bad habits. You must stay and focus on your goals and long term goals for good eating habits established. The plan for fitness can improve your overall potential for success because it not only the burning of fat through your exercise, it is also a natural endorphins promote a healthy and positive energy. Your metabolism will deal with the exercise price and the balance of the new fitness program combined with a healthy diet to your thoughts will be back on the past history of bad habits.

Long term, we must also continue. Do we need changes in our plan to make it not too boring and therefore less work more fun to take the floor. Keep on top of your search for new ideas to the movement and work in your daily, weekly plan. This is the cost to maintain. We love to learn new things and challenges. Even if your plan is in the fitness with many improvements, it has not yet been updated and changed over time. Plan for something new every month. It can be so simple that the impact of your travel route on foot per day. We do this all the time. Indeed, we have the medium and long walks with the change in the direction of justice, we see things visually unique about 3 days. Excellent opportunity to all costs. The work of the various parts of your body one day, too. Is the top of your body and your belly to the next, followed by the lower part of your body. Changes are the key, and if you think they plan and therefore you can check your card very fresh fitness over a long period. Competitive and if you measure your speed the course of time. That in itself is also a way to stay, with your goals.
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